This term we will be using World War 2 as our topic in history. I am aware that this is a sensitive topic and that some children may have felt a little worried about this. We have discussed in great detail about how this was an event that happened a long time ago and there is nothing for us to worry about now. The children know that they are able to ask any questions or talk to us if there is something they are worried about.

We will not be looking at any specific events during this time period, but instead using it as a tool for developing the children’s questioning skills and their use of sources to find answers. Any pictures or videos that I show the children will be very carefully selected to ensure that they are appropriate for this age range. We will also use it to make comparisons between the past and present, using sources to identify similarities and differences.

I was very impressed this week with the children’s attitude towards this topic as they had great questions and were able to discuss what they had learnt with great maturity. Below is an example of some of their work where they wrote down observations and questions about a picture.