What a busy week!

This week has been so busy!

On Wednesday the children took part in Diwali dancing, and created lots of nice art work. We even wrote our own Acrostic poem as a class.

Diwali Dancing

Deer running to a deep, dark forest.

Into spaces between each other. 

Wonderful patterns when we move.

Actions tell a story. 

Lights are bright and shiny. 

Incredible rhythm keeping us in time. 


Thursday was STEM day. We worked hard to solve problems and complete our challenges. Although we did find it difficult to work as part of a team, we didn’t get up. Below are a few pictures of us trying to work together to build towers with limited resources.



Today (Friday) we have had RE day where we have been talking about good/bad deeds and the importance of saying sorry. We looked at how Jews think that God looks at their good and bad deeds and we decided that it is much better to try to to good deeds because they make people happy.