Welcome Back!

Year One Parent Information

The children are doing great settling back into schools and new routines. It is a big jump from reception to year one with lots of changes!

I have already sent home a simple information sheet, providing information/a rough guide of what the children will be learning this half term. Although the time table may alter slightly in the afternoons, the mornings will stay the same.


I am aware that there have been some concerns regarding what the children will be learning in ICT. Computer skills are very important and will help children with their learning in the future. This year they will be learning basic skills such as logging on and off correctly, typing, basic programming and how to stay safe online.

To help prepare the children for their learning, please could you practice spelling their first name and surname as this will enable them to log on to the computers!


Reading is such an important part of learning and helps the children to develop skills in phonics, vocabulary, sentence formation and comprehension. It is important that the children are able to sound out unfamiliar words and to blend them accurately. Once they are able to do this, our aim is to build fluency so that they are able to begin reading confidently and with intonation. Sometimes you will notice that the children will be asked to read the same book more than once. This is to develop confidence, and also to ensure that they have understood what they are reading.

The children have all now been assessed and given suitable books for their reading ability. It is possible that they may re-read some of the books from last year, but this is nothing to worry about as it helps to develop these important skills.

So far I have been very impressed by how many of you are reading regularly at home. The children have been very excited to tell me in the morning that they have been busy reading and seem to be enjoying it!



Please do contact me if you have any concerns or worries. I am usually on the playground and available for a quick chat at the end of the day. You can also email me on my school email (found under the staff page on the website).