We went on holiday!

On Tuesday morning we prepared our passports, made our way to the airport, sneaked through security and then boarded our very own plane!

The children loved watching the safety video on the plane and really got into the spirit of a long plane journey.

Our first destination was Kenya! We were really excited to see all of the different animals and wrote down lots of great adjectives to describe what we saw and how we felt.

Next up, we had to wrap up warm as we headed to Iceland! Many of the children said that they felt calm here and some of them described feeling the cold wind against their skin.

After spending time among icebergs, we got back on the plane and headed for Australia. We went snorkeling in crystal blue sea and saw lots of interesting animals!

Finally, we returned home with a bumpy ride into London Gatwick.

The children completed some fantastic “sense maps” to describe what they saw and how they felt on their trips. They were then able to use this to write a diary entry about their journey.


This was such a fun and exciting morning and the children completed some fantastic writing.