As I am sure you are all aware, this week we have been teaching phonics as a whole class. It has been great having all of the children in one place and supporting each other in their learning. We have been completing lots of different activities to ensure that all of the children are supported but also challenged in their learning.

Early on in the week one group were rolling a dice with different graphemes on it and working together to come up with a word using that sound. They then were able to practise their sounding out, and handwriting by writing the word on a whiteboard. It looked like they were having lots of fun and I saw some lovely letter formation!

Another group spent some time reading different words and then writing them in a sentence. It was important to read carefully though because not all of the words were real words! Reading pseudowords is an important practice for their phonics screening which will take place in the summer next year. The next they came up with a list of their own words, seeing how many they could think of before moving on to write sentences.

Sentence formation (including punctuation) was a focus for our third group. They spend some time playing a game called “silly sentences” where they had to read words and put them together to correctly form a sentence. The funnier the better! The next day they were given some jumbled up sentences that made no sense and they had to write them out correctly. This took a lot of concentration and skill as they had to make sense of what they had read, and then use their understanding to fix it!

Pictures will be on the way soon!


Whole class phonics is currently taking place as a trial and there will be a review shortly. There is also a phonics cafe coming up soon which would be great if you are able to attend to find out more.