In its simplest form science is concerned with finding out about things. It involves a systematic study of the natural and physical world based on processes that lead to the drawing of conclusions. From birth children naturally investigate their surroundings; they question the world around them, experiment and draw conclusions. The steps in this process lead to a progressively deeper scientific understanding.

It is important therefore to build upon a child’s natural curiosity and to encourage a scientific approach based on a rich resource of experiences. In the primary school, it is important that many of these experiences are first-hand although the use of secondary sources of information has a part to play. The aims of the subject should be realised by all pupils, regardless of ability, gender or ethnic group.

The aims can be summarised as follows:

  • To encourage a sense of interest and enjoyment in all pupils.
  • To enable the acquisition of a wide range of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes
  • To develop an enquiring mind and a scientific approach to solving problems.
  • To explore how and why things happen
  • To understand the world in which we live and develop sensitivity and respect for the environment
  • To encourage safe and careful practical work

Science at Coldfair Green Primary School

Science in EYFS
Understanding the World
Year 1 Science Day
Year 4 Sound Topic Year 5 Space Board Games KS2 Cross Country

 The Effect of Exercise on Our Bodies

Coldfair Green Primary School
Long Term Science Plan

Year Group Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1

Summer 2

R Understanding The World – This involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community through opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment.
1 Animals Including Humans – Ourselves Animals Including Humans – Our Pets Everyday Materials – Let’s Build Everyday Materials – Marvelous Materials Seasonal Changes – Wonderful Weather Plants – What’s Growing in Our Gardens?
2 Animals Including Humans – Healthy Animals Living Things and Their Habitats – Habitats Everyday Materials – Materials Matter Everyday Materials – Squash, Bend, Twist, Stretch! Plants – Ready, Steady, Grow! Living Things and Their Habitats – Gardens and Allotments.
3 Animals Including Humans – Keeping Healthy Light – Light and Shadows Rocks – Rocks and Fossils Forces and Magnets – Amazing Magnets Plants – Roots and Shoots Plants – Artful Flowers, Fruits and Seeds
4 Electricity – It’s Electric States of Matter – Scientists Sound – Listen Up! Living Things and Their Habitats – Name That Living Thing Animals Including Humans – Excuse me, are these your teeth? Living Things and Their Habitats – Help our Habitats!
5 Earth and Space – Space Presenters Forces – May the Forces Be With You Properties of Materials – Music Festival Materials Changes of Materials Living Things and Their Habitats – The Art of Living Animals Including Humans – Life Explorers!
6 Light – Crime Lab Investigation Electricity – Electric Celebrations Living Things and Their Habitats – Classification Connoisseurs Evolution and Inheritance – The Game of Survival Animals Including Humans – The Art of Being Human Second Look Science – The Science of Sport /

Human  Relationships – Sex and Relationships Education.