Friday 22nd June

In Literacy this week we have been talking about our fears. We have each made a page to go into a book called ‘Chestnut Class’ Big Book of Fears’ The children have done a brilliant job and we will be able to put the book together soon. I will put photos on once it is finished.

Please can I remind you to check your child’s planner every week for homework and spellings.

The children are encouraged to read every day. If they read every day and they write it in their planner they earn a house point. I know how busy home life can be so I trust them to write it in for themselves. As always a signed planner on Fridays is worth a house point 🙂

This Week’s Spellings











This Week’s Super Spellers

Well done to the following who achieved 10/10 in this week’s spelling test and have earned a house point 🙂

Ruby M, Toby, Maddie, Bobby, Sam FL, Taylor and Hollie

Special mention to Maddie who has got 10 / 10 ten weeks on the run and has earned a Silver certificate.

This week’s Times Tables Champions

Well done to the following who beat their last week’s score in the Times Tables Challenge and have earned a house point 🙂

Emily, James, Ruby M, Toby, Bobby, Sam FL, Taylor, Hollie, Lily, Pearl, Esme, Ruby N, Connor and Shantos