Day at the beach

What a lovely day we have all had! Even though the sun didn’t come out, the children were wrapped up warm and ready to explore the beach.

We began our day in two groups. One group spent some time litter picking whilst the other group worked with a lady from Beach Bonkers, who taught us lots about the beach. We were looking for different treasures such as mermaids purses, sharks teeth, sea weed and pieces of quartz. The children did an excellent job at finding interesting things and were all very engaged and listening well.

After eating our lunch we played some games to keep warm and then headed off for a walk. It was funny to walk in different ways i.e giant steps, sneaky walk or walking like an animal. In between walking we had some stops to play some games and make sure that we were all warm!

I am super proud of the children who all behaved perfectly, followed instructions and took an interest in what we were doing. Well done everyone! I am sure that the walking and fresh air has made everyone feel sleep – a certainly am!