Alien invasion!

“When we got to school we couldn’t go in our classroom, because there was lots of rubbish and something came in the classroom while we were in bed” – Esmee

“There were footprints on the table and we had to try to work out what they were” – Charlotte.

“The footprints were sticky” – Leo

“The slime was green and gooey” – Molly

“There were footprints on Miss Taylor’s board and gloopy slime all over the tables” – Amelie

“We were writing adjectives to describe the rubbish on the floor” – Alex

“Some of the rubbish was shiny and it looked like tin foil” – Zach.

Tyler was writing about how the alien had been using numicon to make 10 in different ways.

“There were footprints with three fingers near the numicon” – Tristan.

“We were looking at the shiny cone on the top of a chair. The chair was on the top of a cupboard” – Millie.


After we investigated we decided it was probably an alien. Benedict had the great idea that maybe it was trying to build a spaceship. After our investigation we looked at the picture from the CCTV camera and we saw “Beegu”! Libby thinks she got out of her book and came to visit. We think she got lost and then her mum and dad picked her up.

We think books are magic!


Miss Taylor said “Why does this always happen to my classroom?”